St. Anne’s was extended and renovated specifically to function as a high quality and comfortable residential home with all modern conveniences provided in every room. It is fully compliant with the Department of Health Nursing Home Regulations.


Residents are most welcome to bring furniture or personal objects, and room décor can be changed to suit personal preferences.

We also provide Relatives Accommodation for those times when relatives need to be near their loved ones.

Private or twin rooms are available, and all rooms are: 

  •      Fully furnished
  •      Equipped with en suite facilities
  •      Suitable for wheelchair-bound patients
  •      Fitted with fire detection systems
  •      Fitted with nurse call systems


Traditional Irish home cooking is prepared by our Catering team.

Our chefs take great care in creating varied menus with emphasis on fresh seasonal produce. All our cakes are baked freshly on the premises. 

Special individual dietary requirements are catered for if necessary.

                  Daily, we serve:

  •      Full Irish Breakfast:
  •      Morning Coffee
  •      Luncheon
  •      Afternoon Tea
  •      Supper